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  • Jobs for Life: Bridges of Love NW has hosted over 17 Jobs for Life classes in the last eight years.  This is a proven strategy for helping adults secure employment and build healthy lives that will create momentum toward stability in their life. Would you like to be involved? We are needing financial sponsors to help us buy books, pay for meals (for participants), pay salaries to keep this program sustainable, provide childcare, among the various unknowns. Every time we hold a Jobs for Life class it costs $295 per student because we never charge the student.  If you are willing to sponsor a student please follow the link below to our donation page.  If you are interested in being a mentor for this amazing program click here.


  • Financial Partner: As a nonprofit, Bridges of Love NW’s entire operation costs depend on donations from financial partners, grants, and businesses. Each hour of operation costs approximately $95, with each client that is served, taking approximately one hour of time. Would you consider reaching out to your neighbors in Pierce County and donate to Bridges of Love NW today? You will be making an impact in the Kingdom of God for eternity. Your donations to Bridges of Love NW will help meet the needs of hundreds of needy people in Pierce County. Thank you.

  • Personal Care Pantry: As Bridges of Love NW works with our neighbors, we see that the material needs stretch far beyond food and water. In an effort to be of some help we have created a GAP ministry that has items people can’t purchase with food stamps such as toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, female hygiene products, diapers, baby wipes, body soap. Items are given out in packages after the recipients go through a screening process to ensure their need is legitimate. Those interested in partnering can go shopping and donate items. 

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