Jobs for Life Mentorship

Jobs for Life mentors commit to a journey with a JFL student for a 15 week session period to provide friendship, support, guidance, assistance, and a sense of community that will help the student complete the course and overcome any employment barriers. You will come alongside another person, a student, who is in need of Godly influence in their life; giving insights, vision, energy, encouragement to "press on" and prayer. Mentors invest in helping the student become a Godly leader of their community as well as reach their God-given potential. The mentor will work with the student relations leader to track and report student's progress.

  • COMMIT to 3-4 hours a week, included at least one JFL class per week.

  • WORK CLOSELY with JFL staff.

  • PROTECT confidentiality of JFL student.

  • Help to DEFINE THE DREAM & develop a plan to turn the dream into reality.

  • Stay FOCUSED on the student's agenda.

  • ONE-ON-ONE ministry & group participation.

  • Mentoring is a PROCESS, not a one-time emphasis.

  • Be AVAILABLE for contact from the student.

  • Mentors develop a student follow-up schedule that PROVIDE CONSISTENT SUPPORT & build a meaningful relationship based on respect and trust with the student.