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Jobs for Life Mentorship

Jobs for Life mentors commit to a journey with a JFL student for a 15 week session period to provide friendship, support, guidance, assistance, and a sense of community that will help the student complete the course and overcome any employment barriers. You will come alongside another person, a student, who is in need of Godly influence in their life; giving insights, vision, energy, encouragement to "press on" and prayer. Mentors invest in helping the student become a Godly leader of their community as well as reach their God-given potential. The mentor will work with the student relations leader to track and report student's progress.

Jobs for Life Class 2020
  • COMMIT to 3-4 hours a week, included at least one JFL class per week.

  • WORK CLOSELY with JFL staff.

  • PROTECT confidentiality of JFL student.

  • Help to DEFINE THE DREAM & develop a plan to turn the dream into reality.

  • Stay FOCUSED on the student's agenda.

  • ONE-ON-ONE ministry & group participation.

  • Mentoring is a PROCESS, not a one-time emphasis.

  • Be AVAILABLE for contact from the student.

  • Mentors develop a student follow-up schedule that PROVIDE CONSISTENT SUPPORT & build a meaningful relationship based on respect and trust with the student.

Jobs for Life Mentors not only help the students find their new path, but they are mobilizing the church to be Christ's hands and feet in a world that needs His hope.

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