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Our Staff


Co-Executive Director

Sheryl Ice - Serving Since 2019 

Sheryl was led to Bridges of Love NW through the leading of the Holy Spirit.  With her background as a pastor in compassionate ministry, Bridges of Love NW fits like a glove.  Sheryl has been engaged in the local community, helping needy people since 2012.  She serves at a church in Puyallup, helping homeless families navigate the rough road back to permanent housing. Sheryl also leads Tacoma 1st Nazarene Church in Tacoma, WA, and has helped that church engage in the local community.  Sheryl embodies the mission of Bridges of Love NW in empowering people to rebuild their lives in a way that creates sustainability. We are working together with a church partner in mobilizing the church.


Co-Executive Director

Shaun Skidmore - Serving Since 2019 

Shaun is an amazing man of God who gives freely of himself to Bridges of Love NW and our clients.  He has served as Assistant Director since May of 2019 and has built many wonderful relationships with local churches and clients.  He relies upon the power of the Holy Spirit to guide him through his conversations with clients as he prays with them in their moment of crisis.  Shaun also serves at New Hope Community Church in Lake Tapps, WA and is working in ministry through Village Missions.  

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