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Happy June!

With the Covid-19 affecting us all, with working from home, church buildings closed, telecommuting, lost jobs, we too have been affected. Our supporting businesses have taken a hit and have had to reduce the investment they make into our ministry.

We had to cancel our annual fundraiser due to this pandemic so we have been trying to think of ways to bring in the money we need to support the operations of the ministry.

This year, I cut my days and hours of work, to 3 part time days per week. It was planned last year as a pre-retirement step, so Covid didn’t cause that. I am training two Directors this year to be able to step in and run the ministry while I will take a smaller supportive role, and training role so that the ministry will continue for many years to come, continuing to serve the churches and help our neighbors in need.

In the winter of 2019 I decided I will spend more time developing our home property and began to build a Garden of Eden. I planted 23 roses this year and have been tending to them; patiently waiting for them to bear beautiful blooms. I also love photography, so I blended my two new loves and took and continue to take pictures of God’s beautiful creations. I walk with Him in the mornings and take in all He has blessed me with.

I had an idea to use these activities to help raise some money for the ministry by having note cards made that display the beautiful roses, and my mountain that I see every day from the front of our home.

Bridges of Love NW is selling the note cards in variety packs of 5 for $17 and $3 for shipping if you are interested in getting some to use in your home. We always have birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy card needs and many times cards in the stores sell for $3.5 to $4.99 and this will save you money, let you stash some beautiful cards at home, save a trip from having to go out and be in the store and you are always ready with a card on hand to bless those you love.

To order them, you can just go to our website:

In the notes section put your name and address and write “Cards” when you make the payment/donation online. If I have any questions I can call you.

Thanks again for all your support over the years. I thank God for you all and our little movement of God.

Sherry Phinisey


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